Within the last years some national and international (English speaking) blog initiatives emerged from a Study of Religions (SR) background and with different focuses (self-promoting, NGO promoting, research promoting etc.). One new blog initiative rooted in Germany is run by some post-doc.
Our mission is to offer a new medium for topics which are of individual interest but yet have a research background, like “I’ve always wanted to write something about XY, but ….”. To ensure that only the topics are in the foreground and no special C.V.-orientated interest, we have some special rules for contributors like publishing only with initials and writing articles within 100 minutes with no more than 1.000 words.
In the ThatCamp session on Friday we want to share our Blog experience with you and discuss some topics which are of special interest for us as well as (hopefully) others:
One very important point for us is “interactivity”. On the one hand this is one (maybe main) reason to go into social media, but also hard to initiate. – How is it possible to initiate a discussion or contributions to articles and statements? We notice a strong interest in reading articles which are published on our blog, but we have little commenting activity.
Another point of interest is a discussion about the targeted audience for SR-Blogs, but also for other social media users within SR.


General discussion about SR-blogging and other SR-social media initiatives
We are also interested in sharing and discussing our experiences and points of interest with other SR-Blog users (readers, writers, and initiators) and user from other kinds of social media.
And, of course, we will be happy to network with other SR-social media initiators and get more and other experiences to work on. For this and all the other written points above, the ThatCamp seems to be the right place.